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Oh yes
Ey free yourself from pain and misery
Look at the sheer majesty of the mountain scenery
Just look around and tek some time
Open up your eyes and don't be blind
And you will see that Jah Jah love is so devine

Yuh think about the problems wha surround yuh
Then yuh sit down wonder what yuh gonna do
Think about Jah Jah him yuh fi ask fa
And yuh will prosper
Think about the journey that you've been through
And the prosperity around you
Leave it up to Jah oh mighty Jah Jah


When Jah Jah is calling
Cause your teardrops keep falling
Answer his call, you will weary no more

In each and every way
We must watch and pray
Giving thanks for such a lovely day

But there are those who play
In some corrupted ways
Forgetting that for sin we pay

Like Jesus fast
And Moses cross
The red sea protected by the boss

Let tribulation pass
Injustice never last
You Mr.Jury don't you judge too fast

Without Jah it nuh make sense you depend upon your jinx-sing
Never ago make it if you worship your bling bling
Forget about Jah and a gwaan like you kingpin
And nuh know seh that your ship is sinking
Look how you burning but you soon hafi go cool
Every day you drinking from the bloody pool
Conscience is the different between wise and fool
You never heard about dis ya golden rule


Weary likkle one
Dry your tears erase your fears
Jah is knocking on your door
They may let you down
Throw you pon the ground
Better tomorrow will come for sure

You've got to remember
Jah Jah love will never let you down
So don't you surrender
Live your life on a higher ground


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